Planning an event at Sacacomie Hotel is taking advantage of its conference centre with more than 15,000 ft2 of space which are divided in 16 meeting rooms (14 of which are equipped with terraces overlooking Sacacomie Lake) which can accommodate from 10 to 350 persons. Our team will offer a turnkey package: customized for any budget. Sacacomie Hotel is a unique place to promote relaxation, work and team building. For more informations, contact us at 819-265-4412 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Or contact Karlanne Tremblay at 819-265-4412 ext. 4037 or by e-mail at [email protected].


10 PEOPLE MINIMUM Valid for a meeting before April 30th 2021

All our rates are from:


/ pers.*

The Express

This package includes:

The meeting room

Morning break (coffee and tea)

The lunch, choice of the 3 courses meal, the cold buffett froid or the take out lunch box

*Services and taxes not included


/ pers.*

The Classic

This package includes:

The meeting room

The buffet breakfast in the dinning room

Morning break (coffee and tea)

The lunch, choice of the 3 courses meal, or the cold buffett froid

The afternoon break (coffee and tea)

The 3 courses dinner

(Supplement of $7,00 per person for a 4 course dinner)

*Services and taxes not included


/ pers.*

The Executive

This package includes:

The meeting room

The buffet breakfast in the dinning room

Morning break (coffee, tea and pastries)

The lunch, choice of the 3 courses meal, or the cold buffett froid

The afternoon break (coffee, tea and pastries)

The 4 courses dinner

*Services and taxes not included

Rates are subject to change without notice.


Located halfway between Montreal and Quebec City, Sacacomie Hotel is a gateway to nature. Leader in the incentive domain for over 10 years, we stand by the quality of our product and the diversity and authenticity of the activities offered throughout the year. As a result, we now have a stellar international reputation as a Motivation/Seminar destination! Our experienced team, caring and at your disposal, will offer a custom framing service as a dream destination. In addition, the quality of the restaurant honors regional products, offering a European-inspired menu of local specialties. Private activities at the Maple Forest Pavilion are also a great way to enjoy a unique place in the heart of the forest. After a walk in a trail lit with torches, a bonfire outdoor and a wood fire indoor greet you warmly before enjoying a friendly meal. Imagination has no limit …!


Our 16 meeting rooms of various areas and capacities, some with decks opening onto Lake Sacacomie, welcome numerous events annually. The Hotel requests a minimum of guests according to the size of the room at booking time. The Hotel also requests a minimum of rooms if the event is scheduled during a week-end or if it includes musical performances.

MASTIGOUCHE 50 x 100 5000 15 x 30 450 600 300 375 190 180 350
ST-BERNARD 29 x 41 1189 9 x 12 108 130 80 90 44 46 60
LE ROC 25 x 50 1250 8 x 17 136 140 80 66 44 36 30
DU LOUP 22 x 32 704 7 x 9 56 84 48 48 30 28 40
ATAKA 22 x 24 528 7 x 7 63 72 32 36 20 20 32
SORCIER 18 x 25 450 5 x 8 40 60 32 36 20 20 40

All our rooms are 10 feet (about 3 meters) high. However, the Mastigouche Room being our largest room, has a height of 21 feet (about 6.5 meters) in height.

* These numbers are for information only, check with our sales coordinators for more information.



Accompanied by a seasoned guide, discover a trapper’s trail. He will take you to a camp and share with you funny anecdotes, show you some of the traps and the fur of small animals that dwell in these woods.


Archery was for a long time considered the favorite weapon of hunters and warriors. Nowadays it is a precision sport. We have built an area for practising archery in a natural environment. We will supply the bow, quiver and arrows. Why not plan a friendly competition between friends? So aim for the bullseye and let the best one win!


Visit the Amerindian site whose facilities were specifically designed for tomahawk throwing (in Algonquin “weapon of war”) and enjoy yourself in the company of friends and colleagues. A tournament, perhaps?


This is the ideal team building or friendly competition activity. Under the supervision of one our guides, decipher the clues that are revealed, tackle every obstacle along the way, and unearth the treasure!


Eager to surprise? Drop your guests near Lac Sacacomie, approximately 2km from the hotel, and invite them to board a rabaska. After paddling for about 20 minutes they will make a grand arrival on the hotel’s private beach surrounded by the forest. Why not welcome them with a refreshment? We will offer various options according to your budget.


Our team building professional will create a made-to-measure activity to forge close links or reinforce close ties between colleagues and friends.


Join the astronomer at the hotel’s terrace and, away from the city lights, observe the starry sky without luminous dust. Identify the constellations, recognize Venus and, in August, admire the Perseids, the extraordinary showers of meteors.


Do floral species interest you? Join our naturalist guide on trek to learn about the various plants and roots that abound in the forest. He will share his extensive knowledge with you. Taste some edible species in the heart of a nature that evolves with the seasons.


Activities may be reserved up to 14 days prior to arrival. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and the management may postpone or cancel an activity on account of weather conditions.


If you have any question, take time to contact us.